Monday, September 2, 2013

Dance is Phys Ed, right?

Child made the performance team for dance this year. Wow, is my life going to be busy. She has dance Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Ballet II
Ballet III/IV
Jazz II
Performance Jazz III/IV
Lyrical II/IIIB
Intermediate Acro
Performance Hip Hop II
Tap II (she should be in III, but there is a schedule conflict)
Technique II
Musical Theater III/IV
Pilates/Yoga/ Ballet Sculpt

Ensemble is sometimes twice a week. She only has Pilates when she has the 2nd Ensemble. In addition to the classes, there will be workshops, competitions, and community involvement including school assemblies, Sr centers, parades.....

Busy girl makes for busy Mom.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A new year, a new goal

Well, things got crazy last school year, and I never kept this blog up like I had intended. I am going to really try to do better this year! I kind of have to...

We have changed curriculum. Calvert was great for me, but it was very much boredom for the child. This led to a lot of agonizing, tears, and even preferring to clean rather than do schoolwork. This year we are doing Moving Beyond the Page. It is inquiry and project based, and I think she will do a lot better with this. The problem on my end is that since there aren't tests sent in to a teacher that I can send on to the district in order to verify what she is learning,  I have to come up with another method.

She has started a blog. We are going to be using it to document her journey. I want to use this to add in info that she doesn't include, because we all know what she thinks is important is not going to be the same as what I or the district think is important. If I can send in links to both blogs, that should cover us.

I am still waiting for the curriculum to come in. Do to some backordered stuff and a weirdness in my credit report (like the fact that there is nothing on my credit report!) it wasn't shipped until a couple of days ago. We are going to start back up on Tuesday anyway, and then add in the MBtP stuff when it gets here. We can at least to Math and Latin every day.

We had really good luck with Life of Fred Math last year. She is finishing up Elementary Physics, and then we will be moving into pre-algebra.

Phys ed this year is way too many hours of dance. She made the competition team and will be in classes and/or rehearsals 12-14 hrs a week. She loves it though.

That is it for now. We should be good as long as  I don't forget my password again!!